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10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Cab


For truck drivers, their truck is a home away from home.  Why not make it a welcoming, cozy space to relax in each night?

Decorating your cab your own can help you feel less homesick and more at home on the road.

Whether it’s pictures of family, your favorite blanket or a knick-knack from home, there are a lot of little ways to sprue up your truck and make it more inviting.

1. Decide on a theme, color palette, or general design and base your bunk curtain, rug, bedding and decorations around that decision.

2. Buy a nice, plush, cushy, colorful or serene-colored rug to place beside your bunk.

3. Buy a nice bedding set, one that is soft and cozy but also matches your design style, color or theme.

4. Place family photos or your children’s artwork around your truck.

5. Decorate your bunk area with a small, colorful photo or piece of art.

6. Use a set of stacking drawers as a nightstand.  Cover it with a cloth or cover that matches your design theme or color palette. Place a small, battery-operated lamp on it.

7. Replace your cab curtains with nice, patterned curtains that match your theme or color palette.

8. Use air fresheners that remind you of home.  If you grew up with lilac trees out back and love their scent, grab a lilac air freshener and put it near your bunk.

9. Buy a nice, decorative throw blanket and keep it on hand for cool evenings.

10. Invest in nice pillows and maybe even a decorative throw pillow.

Have you made your truck a nice home away from home?  Share a picture of your cab with us!


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