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12 Types Of Trucker Spouses


By: Heidi O.

I am not a judgmental person in any way and I provide support to trucker’s wives and trucker’s worldwide. However, I do get bored, and I have a sense of humor – so decided I would put a list together of all the different types of trucker’s spouses I have encountered on my journey along the roadways. We ALL have met someone that fits under each of these categories and I, myself fit under one or two of them!

This is totally meant for entertainment and a laugh so pull up those big girl/big boy pants, lighten up, and LAUGH with me!


1. The “I Am A Trucker Because My Spouse Is A Trucker” Spouse
This is the spouse whose life revolves around any and all things trucking. This spouse probably grew up in a trucking household, having a father or grandfather as a trucker. This spouse swears they know ALL about trucking. This spouse tries to attend EVERY trucking event within a 3 hour radius of home, volunteering to help whenever they can. This spouse probably owns EVERY trucking shirt known to man, and is not mean in the least bit, but can be a bit annoying. This spouse is usually referred to by others as a “Super Trucker Spouse.”

2. The “Hi, What Company Does Your Spouse Work For Before I Ask Your Name” Spouse
This is the spouse that is obsessed with their driver’s company. As a matter-of-fact, this spouse is so obsessed with the company “they” work for that they won’t be friends with you unless you or your spouse also work for that company. This spouse is usually a one-upper. This spouse doesn’t usually have time for anyone outside “their” company.

3. The “It’s All About My Kids” Spouse
This is the spouse who is most likely a stay-at-home parent and everyday life revolves around their kids. They attend every school functions, are a part of the local PTA, and they try to incorporate trucking into their kids’ lives. This spouse usually has 2+ kids. This spouse usually knows and is the go-to person for any type of school sponsored event in their area. These spouses are usually the sweetest and kindest you could meet!

4. The “I Must Prove I Had A Life Before Becoming A Trucker’s Spouse” Spouse
This spouse is usually very well-educated or may have even been a trucker themselves before deciding to change careers. Their primary way of coping with letting others know of their life before they became a trucker’s spouse is to give you a full resume and educational history in almost every conversation. This spouse always feels they need to prove to anyone outside of trucking that their life doesn’t revolve around trucking.

5. The “Neighborhood Watch” Spouse
This spouse can tell everyone EVERYTHING about what is going on in their neighborhood and you will know everyone’s names even if you do not live in the neighborhood. You almost want to be their friend but sometimes have reservations because this spouse sometimes knows TOO much. This spouse usually sits outside at various times of the day and takes it upon themselves to be the neighborhood watch and report what they see to the authorities. You normally avoid telling this spouse anything going on in your life unless you want everyone else to know.

6. The “Shy” Spouse
This is the spouse you know exists but you don’t see or hear from very often. They don’t leave their home unless to go grocery shopping and pick up children from school or to pick up their trucker when its home time. They will exchange pleasantries with you but they keep to themselves and don’t choose to be bothered with too much socializing.

7. The “Complainer” Spouse
This is the spouse that ALWAYS has something wrong. This spouse is usually a hypochondriac or is going to turn their kids into one. They usually call their spouse’s dispatcher because they were promised that their spouse would get home every two weeks and it’s not happening. The trucking world never does right by this spouse and makes this spouse’s life hell. Anything and everything that can go wrong for someone usually happens to this spouse, and if you come into contact with this spouse prepare the ear plugs because they will give you the run down about all that is wrong with trucking.

8. The “I’ve Got My Own Life” Spouse
This is the spouse that either works, goes to school, or owns their own business and really has no time for small talk about things happening in the trucking world. This spouse is usually a cool person but is hard to be friends with because they are busy with their career and doesn’t have much time for socializing.

9. The “Balanced And Can Be Friends With Anyone” Spouse
This is the spouse that is cool, calm, and collected. They are not falling apart while the driver is on the road. This is the best type of trucker’s spouse to be friends with because they have no heirs about them, they are non-judgmental, and could care less about what anyone else’s trucker does. This spouse will respect you as long as you respect them, but has no issues checking a person if you cross them.

10. The “Veteran” Spouse
This is the spouse whose other half has been a driver for 15+ years or more, and has seen it all. This is the “been there and done that” spouse. This spouse normally hangs with people their own age or older and will check a person pretty easily when crossed. This spouse usually comes off as a parent figure.

11.The “DIY-er” Spouse
This is the spouse that spends a LOT of time on Pinterest and can make and fix ANYTHING. A lot of times this spouse sells their crafts on online.

12. The “Living On The Truck” Spouse
This spouse rides with their driver. They either work alongside the driver or at the very least help do their paperwork. They cook, clean the truck, and help take care of the small things so the trucker doesn’t have to. I have met MANY of these spouses on the road and some are very friendly while others look away when you look at them. Most of these spouses know exactly what our drivers go through every day and can sympathize with the ins and outs of the trucking world because they’ve lived it right beside their spouse.

I know I fit into a couple of these categories. How many and which ones do you fit into? Did I leave any out?


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