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5 Cities With The Most Terrible Drivers — Ranked.


You know that feeling you get that people drive more safely in some areas than in others?

That’s not just a feeling.

The average motorist has one automobile accident every ten years. But in some cities, drivers get into accidents much more often. Whether it is cultural, environmental, or there’s just something in the water, some cities have more reckless drivers than others. Taking into consideration Allstate’s annual driver’s report along with factors like accident rates, DWI fatalities and pedestrian strikes, here is a list of cities where you should drive with extreme caution.

Truck drivers, you’ve been warned.

The Top 5 Cities With Dangerous Drivers

1. Miami. This city has, according to Slate magazine, drivers with “a terrifying tendency to hit pedestrians”.

2. Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love? More like the City of Way Too Many Fender Benders.

3. Hialeah. Drivers in this city get into an only moderate number of accidents, but the city still ranks really high in fatalities. Scary.

4. Tampa Bay. Tampa drivers ranked consistently badly across the board in years between accidents, traffic fatalities, DWI fatalities and pedestrian strikes. Just all around not good.

5. Baltimore. The good news? You are less likely to die if you get into an accident in Baltimore than some of the other cities. But you are still very, very likely to get into an accident in Baltimore

Be safe out there, drivers!

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