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5 Of The Most Annoying Types Of Drivers On The Road


When you have to share the road with 4-wheelers for 11 hours a day, you develop a new superpower — the ability to sort awful drivers into categories. Here are 5 types of motorists we just can’t deal with right now.

1. Drivers who don’t signal. Enough said.

2. Scared drivers. Drivers who are so intimidated by other vehicles (and heavy trucks especially) that they can barely function. These drivers drive below the speed limit and are so afraid of changing lanes that they just don’t — even if that means that other drivers can’t safely merge. These drivers slow you down, but that isn’t the only reason they drive us crazy. Studies show that high anxiety drivers are involved in more accidents and DUI incidents.

3. Driver who are too polite. We’re talking about that motorist who has the right of way that stares at you for five or ten seconds, then insists that you go first. Nice gesture, but not very efficient. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation backs us up. They recently reported that the state’s very polite drivers are causing big rush hour delays. And the typical too-polite driver is more likely to be a lady, says a driving school expert, who claims that the reason that women fail their driver’s tests more often than men is because they are too courteous.

4. Drivers who love hanging out in your blind spot. For some reason, these drivers have decided that your blind spot is the only place on the road that is fit to drive in. Speed up, slow down, doesn’t matter. There they are. Seemingly waiting for you to forget that they are there so you can crush them.

5. Distracted drivers. At any given time, 660,000 Americans are texting while driving. And that number is rising. But drivers can be distracted by more than just their phones. Who hasn’t seen the woman driving 65 mph while applying mascara? Or the man with a donut in one hand and a coffee in the other driving with his knees? Distracted drivers, please just don’t. A little focus on the task at hand would go a long way.

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