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5 Things To Never Say To A DOT Officer


While you might be angry you’re getting pulled over, or annoyed for being harassed at the scales, it’s always best to keep your cool and respond as politely as possible.

As the old saying goes, “it’s easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar.”

Here are 5 things to never say to a DOT officer (obviously this is a joke and meant for entertainment).

5. “I was just helping you make sure your radar gun works.”


4. “Sure! Which logbook would you like to see?” *Pulls out stack of 10 ‘current’ logbooks.*

3. “Yeah, I saw the green light was on to pull into the scales, but you guys looked so busy. I thought I’d give you a break.”


2. “You know,  weight really is a relative concept. What some consider overweight, others consider light…”

1. “You must have been going REALLY fast to catch me. Nice job. How fast will that thing go?”






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