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5 Trucking Horror Movie Villains That Should Exist


Rusty Nail from “Joy Ride”.

The Pete in “Duel”.

The Green Goblin Truck from “Maximum Overdrive”.

These are some of the best villains from the most iconic trucking horror movies. They’re scary and fun to watch, but they’re not a very realistic representation of the true terrors that truck drivers face every day. That’s why we put together this much more realistic list of trucking horror movie villains — just for fun!

1. The Inspector. This totally terrifying DOT officer has nothing better to do than to inspect your truck … for hours! Like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies, he never gives up until he gets what he wants — namely, your hard earned money! Eeeek!

2. The Texter. She may look young and sweet, but don’t be fooled. She doesn’t even need a knife — that iPhone in her hand that she can’t take her eyes off of while she’s driving is a totally deadly weapon.

3. The Lot Lizard. You hear her knocking on your door in the dead of night… What does she want? You hold your breath and close your eyes as you huddle in your sleeper, trying desperately to hide from this terrifying creature, willing her to go away. But she always comes back.

4. The Creepy Co-Driver. You think that you know the guy in the sleeper behind you? Think again. He’s clearly got a scary little secret … and after 4 days on the road together, he might just be willing to share it with you. Keep one eye on the road — and the other on him.

5. The Road Rager. You don’t know what you did to make this guy so mad, but he’s mad alright! And road rage has turned him into a murderous monster who will put himself in danger just to make you understand how intense his hate for you really is.



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