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6 Proven Ways To Soothe A Sunburn


The thing that many truckers love about the lifestyle is that you get lots of fresh air and sunshine. But too much sunshine, especially in the summer months, leaves you susceptible to sunburn. After all, that bright red left elbow is a summer rite of passage for many truckers. So if you’ve overdone it in the sun, don’t suffer through the stinging sensation! Try one of these sunburn soothers!

1. Aloe. One of the best-known substances to soothe sunburn is aloe. It isn’t practical to keep a plant in your truck, but you can purchase aloe in a tube to keep on hand in case of sunburn.

2. Take a cool shower. Post-sunburn is not the time for a steamy shower. Opt for cool water to take some of the sting out of your sunburn.

3. Apply milk. Using a clean cloth, apply milk to the affected skin to create a protein film that feels soothing.

4. Pop a pill. Taking ibuprofen helps to relieve inflammation and soothe the pain of a sunburn.

5. Drink lots of fluids. Sunburns are very dehydrating, which can add to your discomfort. Make sure to drink lots of fluids. Water is better than soda, but Gatorade or coconut water contain electrolytes and are even better.

6. Avoid soap. Soap can irritate already angry skin, so skip it until your sunburn starts to clear up.

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