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6 Signs That You Should Switch To A Dedicated Route


For some truck drivers, the best part of the job is waking up every morning knowing that that today will be an adventure.

Other truck drivers, not so much.

Here are 6 signs that you should look into a getting a dedicated route.

1. You’ve started a family. Many truck drivers who get married or have children are looking for more stability and home time — which are often perks of a dedicated route.

2. You feel that you’ve demonstrated high levels of professionalism. Companies hiring for dedicated routes are looking for drivers who will take good care of the customer so that they don’t lose the account. If you are a truck driver who can demonstrate that you’re really reliable and have experience, you might be able to start enjoying the benefits of a dedicated route.

3. You want to establish relationships with your customers. If the idea of getting to know and help your customers rather than having limited interaction with them appeals to you, you should look into a dedicated route.

4. You need a steady paycheck. A truck driver’s take-home pay can vary wildly. If the idea of knowing exactly how much you’ll make every month appeals to you, you might think about making the switch.

5. You crave a routine. Some people love novelty while others are creatures of habit. If you’re ready to get into a steady groove, look into moving into a dedicated position.

6. You want control more over where you drive. If there’s a part of the country you hate, a regular dedicated route lets you pick and choose where you’re interested in driving.

If it’s time to make a switch, take a look at this job board designed to help truckers find dedicated, regional, OTR, O/O, Team, and Lease Purchase jobs.


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