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6 Signs You Need To Quit Your Trucking Job


We all fantasize about quitting our jobs every now and then, but how do you know when it’s really time to move on and find another trucking job? After all, transitioning to a new job is stressful and the pay disruption can make it hard to pay the bills. But there are some signs that mean that you need to start looking for a new company — sooner rather than later.

These are 6 serious red flags that warn you that it’s time to hit the eject button and get out of your current trucking job!

1. Your company encourages you to drive in unsafe conditions. Any company that would unreasonably risk a truck driver’s life to meet a deadline is not worth working for. Find a company that respects you enough to listen if you don’t think it’s safe to keep rolling.

2. Your company is involved in ethically shady dealings. If you believe that the company you’re running for isn’t on the up and up, that’s a big sign that you need to look for an exit route. Even if you’re not involved in any unethical activity, don’t put yourself at risk by working for people who are.

3. Your company appears to be struggling financially. All companies struggle from time to time, but if you have reason to believe that yours has serious money troubles, you should consider looking for a more stable source of income. Warning signs include late paychecks, bounced paychecks, and an inability to keep equipment up to date.

4. Your company allows harassment. Whether sexual or otherwise, you deserve to work for a company that makes sure you’re treated with respect. If you’re experiencing harassment and your company won’t do anything about it, leave.

5. Your company won’t maintain your truck. If you feel that your truck isn’t safe to drive and your company won’t repair it, it may be time to walk away. An unsafe truck can cost you your life and if your company doesn’t listen to you, find another company that will.

6. You company doesn’t allow you to do the type of trucking you want to do. Maybe you’re the type of trucker who loves to run hard, but you’re driving hazmat for not very many miles. Or maybe you like to keep your truck immaculate and you find yourself hauling chickens all day and night. If your company doesn’t fit with the type of trucking that you love to do, keep your eyes open for a new position.

And remember, if you are on the fence about quitting, this is a driver’s job market! A driver with a clean record should have no problem finding a better trucking job!


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