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7 Calls Truckers Would Make If Cars Had A “How’s My Driving?” Phone Number


Lots of trucks have a “How’s My Driving?” phone number on the back so that four-wheelers can give feedback about a trucker’s skills behind the wheel. Ever wish you could return the favor sometimes?

These truckers took to the Whisper app to share some of their feedback. If cars had “How’s My Driving” phone numbers, the calls might sound something like this!

1. This trucker who wishes that four-wheeler drivers would stop being so selfish.

As a truck driver, the majority of people in cars piss me off. Learn how to be considerate instead of convient for yourself

2. This trucker just trying to keep cars from getting crushed:

Dear idiot woodward drivers.... Youre not doing anyone any favors by cutting off tbe escorts to an overload truck. Dont be stupid

3. This trucker who has some interesting psychological insight:

Over my years as a truck driver I have noticed that some of the nicest people you'll ever meet turn into the biggest assholes once they get behind the wheel

4. This trucker explaining the true meaning of a signal:

I drive a tractor trailer... when I give a signal... I ain't asking permission... I'm giving you fair warning... be there if you WANT to.....

5. This truck driver who just discovered the key to sharing the road with four-wheelers:

As a truck driver. The driving skills of others that I have been witnessing lately... Im impressed by my own patients.

6. This solid bit of advice from a trucker’s girlfriend:

Dear city drivers; A semi makes wide turns. Give them enough room or else you'll have to back up and you'll piss everyone behind you off. Sincerely, the trucker's gf laughing her ass off at you.

7. This trucker who helps put bad driving into perspective:

Im a truck driver. No one understands being in a hurry more than myself. Just take it slow and you will get there. Otherwise, you may end up in a body bag.


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