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7 Confessions About Truckers From People Outside The Trucking Industry


Most people have no idea how hard the day to day life of a trucker is — or do they?

Here are confessions from people outside of trucking who used the Whisper app to share how they really feel about truck drivers — and their answers might surprise you!

1. This motorist who got to see the soft side of a truck driver.

Just saw a trucker making faces to a little kid beside him. Cutest thing I've seen in a while. Made my day.

2. This person who goes out of their way when most people don’t:

I always make sure to thank truck drivers for their service, this country would come to a halt without them.

3. This Whisperer keeps it short and sweet:

Truck drivers: most underappreciated job in existence

4. This person who really gets it:

Truck drivers are on the road day and night some people don't have any respect for them but what they don't realize the clothes on their back the furniture everything they wouldn't have without them..

5. This person who actually understands how much power and responsibility truck drivers have on the road.

Realistically please leave all airplane pilots, truck , drivers, scientist, alone simply cause imagine the harm that they could do if they lose it seriously no one thinks of consequences.

6. This Whisperer who is way more in touch with the reality of trucking’s role in her everyday life.

Truckers are a special breed of people. If you meet one today, make sure you thank them for all you have, because without them you would be, naked, cold and hungry

7. This person who understands the nature of sacrifice:

Thank a trucker without them you wouldn't have anything thank a soldier without them you wouldn't have freedom


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