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7 Confessions From Truck Drivers About What Life On The Road Is Really Like


The Whisper app lets users share secrets anonymously — and many in the trucking community use it. Here are some of the most interesting, funny, and shocking confessions that truck drivers have shared on Whisper.

1. This trucker dealing with the harsh realities of having family but not getting to see them much:

Been a truck driver for the last 6 years to help improve my families lifestyle and now I seem to be out of style in most of their lives. Maybe staying home being broke was a better plan.

2. This newer driver second guessing his decisions:

I'm a truck driver.  I've been on my own on the road for 2 weeks. I've spent more time in hotels than I have driving. I think I'm with the wrong company.

3. This driver who can’t bring himself to tell his mom what he really does:

Dont tell my mom im a truck driver she thinks i play the piano at the whore house

4. This driver getting a backhanded compliment:

"Wow... You don't look like a trucker..." Well thank you... I think... Stereotype much?  I know a lot of clean hygienic "professional drivers"

5. This driver with a sad secret:

I'm in love with a woman that routinely shows she's interested in me. I don't think I'll ever tell her though because I'm a cross country trucker, and she deserves someone that can be there

6. This driver dealing with a nearly impossible situation:

Got to see my family for the first time in 6 months only for about an hour but it was awesome. The life of a trucker trying to support a terminally ill mother is hard

7. This trucker who wishes 4-wheelers understood the sacrifice he makes:

I'm a trucker. I haven't been home in 2 months and a week. All you people in your small cars think about that when you're cutting us off to go home after a simple 8 hours.


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