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7 Confessions From Women About Being In A Relationship With A Trucker


The Whisper app lets people tell secrets anonymously — and many women who are dating or married to truckers are using it to tell the truth about how trucking really affects their relationship.

1. This woman who is struggling with always being away from the one she loves:

The hardest part of my relationship is being totally in love with a man I only get to see 5 days out of the month. He's a truck driver.  I thought it would get easier but it only gets more difficult.

2. This wife who loves being on the road with her husband:

So my husband is a truck driver and I'm currently in the truck with him and it is 4am and he makes me so happy. And I'm not usually a morning person.

3. This sarcastic confessor who is a little bit over the trucking lifestyle:

Fun nights for truck driver boyfriends and girlfriends who ride with (me) = driving all night to make your delivery on time........fun times -Sarcasm-

4. This woman who is just starting to learn about the sacrifices of dating a truck driver:

My boyfriend is a truck driver. I hate that I finally have a great relationship and can't even see him everyday!

5. This trucker’s girlfriend who gets it, but…:

Worst thing about dating a truck driver is when I do eventually get to see him he just sleeps.  Logically I get it,  but I hate being bored and lonely.

6. This wife who puts on a brave face:

My hubby is a truck driver. He is gone 4 or more weeks at a time. I tell him that I'm fine when we talk but the truth is the loneliness is killing me. It sucks being married to man I hardly get to see

7. And finally, this optimistic lady who knows how to roll with the punches!

I can't wait for my truck driver to get home tomorrow! Our plans may have been messed up, but hey! We can just make new ones!


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