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7 Essential Tips For Spotting A Liar


Does that guy at the truck stop really need something to eat or is he scamming you for beer money? Is your dispatcher telling you the whole truth? Does the woman who is trying to sell you a slightly used CB radio know that it is stolen?

Being able to tell if someone is lying is an important skill that truckers need to stay safe and to keep from getting scammed. Here are a few tips that can help you tell if you’re getting the truth from someone — or a load of bologna!

1. A liar’s voice often changes dramatically. 

2. A liar often touches or covers his mouth. 

3. They move their head quickly after you ask a direct question.

4. A liar will start to breathe more heavily.

5. They give you way too much information.

6. Liars often stare without blinking.

7. Liars are fidgety.

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