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7 Quotes That Will Remind You Why You Became A Truck Driver


We all have days when we wake up and wonder why we’re doing what we’re doing. The endless restrictive regulations, the boredom, long hours, bad truck stop food, and too much time away from family can make anyone question why they chose to be a trucker.

But sometimes, just a few of the right words can help you remember what you love about trucking.

Get Inspired, Truck Driver

1. “You got to stop thinkin’ so negative son, we ain’t not never made it yet have we?” — Bandit, “Smokey and the Bandit”

2. “There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive” — B.C. Forbes

3. “Eighty thousand pounds of muscle, blood, and steel in a pile. It’s spectacular.” — Gary Williams

4. “There is no situation like the open road, and seeing things completely afresh.” — James Salter

5. “I’ve been on every interstate highway in the lower forty-eight states by now, and I never get tired of the view.” — Steve Earle

6. “For the good old American life: For the money, for the glory, and for the fun… mostly for the money.— Bandit, “Smokey and the Bandit”

7. “A lonely breed… hard men, proud men… not too proud to cry or shed a tear. The living embodiment of the American cowboy tradition.” — Governer Jerry Haskins, “Convoy”


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