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7 Reasons You Should Keep a Bottle of Dawn In Your Truck


Chances are you already have a bottle of Dawn dish soap in your truck, but did you know Dawn does a lot more than clean your dirty dishes?

Here are 7 ways Dawn dish soap can be used in your truck or on the road.

1. Dawn can be used as a deicer. Mix 1 TBSP of rubbing alcohol, 1 tsp of Dawn and 1/2 gallon of warm water.  Pour or spray the mixture wherever ice has accumulated.

2. Use Dawn on squeaky or tight hinges.  Sure, WD-40 is great for squeaks and tight hinges, but Dawn works, too!

3. Use Dawn to get oil stains out of your clothing. Pour a drop of Dawn on the stain, let it sit for 10 minutes, scrub the stain with a small brush, then throw the garment into the wash.

4. Degrease your hands.  Pour a generous amount of Dawn on your greasy hands, lather and rinse away the grime.

5. If your travels land you in a patch of poison ivy, Dawn can help prevent the poison ivy rash from spreading. Wash the rashes with Dawn and they will dry out and quit spreading.

6. Dawn cleans your tools and prevents rust. After you’ve gotten your tools greasy from work, soak them in a Dawn-filled sink.  The detergent will help provide a protective barrier against rust.

7. Use Dawn to clean your carpets and upholstery. Mix one TBSP of Dawn with 2 cups of hot water.  Blot the stain and clean with a cloth dipped in the water.

Image Credit: Keith Homan / Shutterstock.com




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