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7 Simple Self Defense Tips Every Trucker Needs


Trucking is not for the faint of heart.

Every day, headlines tell stories of truckers who are victims of violence, but there are simple ways to keep yourself safe. These tips will help to keep you safe in your truck — and out of the headlines.

1. Take out your earbuds and put down your phone. When you’re distracted, you’re an easy target. Pay attention when you’re in shady situations.

2. Make some noise if you are attacked. There’s a reason that martial arts experts make noises while they fight. Simple as it may seem, a shout is an effective defense technique. It alerts others of your danger, startles your attacker, and increases your confidence.

3. If you’re attacked, anything is a weapon. Keys, a tire gauge, even a pen can be the difference between fighting off an attacker and ending up seriously hurt.

4. Walk wide around building corners. This can keep you from getting attacked by surprise.

5. Check out truck stops, restaurants, and other areas before you ever think about entering. This can help you stay away from trouble that’s already started.

6. Never leave a drink unattended. This goes for men as well as women.

7. No stranger should be allowed inside your truck. Ever. Even if the person is asking for help, find a way to do it (like calling 911 for them) that does not involve letting them into your truck.



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