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7 Weird Things That Might Be Messing With Your Sleep


Sleep is no joke for a truck driver.

It keeps you legal. And it keeps you alive.

So if you’re otherwise healthy (no sleep apnea) and going easy on the caffeine (which can take hours to work its way through your body) but you’re still not sleeping, there may be a surprising reason.

Sneaky Sleep Stealers

1. You share a bed with a furry co-pilot.

Cats and dogs can be great for companionship on the road, but they can definitely wake you up at night. In fact, a recent survey says that half of pet owners who let pets sleep in bed with them say that their animal disturbs their sleepĀ every night.

2. You’re addicted to your phone.

One of the biggest threats to a decent night’s sleep is the device you’re probably reading this on (maybe before bed?) — your smart phone. Whether you’re checking sports scores or sending one last text to your wife, there’s always one more thing to do on your phone before bed. Worse, the light from your phone can disrupt the natural sleep hormones in your brain and make it harder to sleep.

3. You take vitamins before bed.

Some vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, help you to sleep. Others, however, can keep you awake. Specifically, B vitamins tend to give you energy, making it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

4. Air quality issues can keep you awake.

Diesel fumes, mold, and allergens in your cab can all contribute to a sleepless night by causing inflammation that can interfere with the way you breathe — and the way you sleep.

5. You’re taking cholesterol medication.

Drugs likeĀ Liptor, Mevacor, Vytorin are good for getting your cholesterol under control, but they also interfere with sleep patterns and dream cycles, interfering with your ability to get a good night’s rest.

6. You’re suffering from “silent reflux”.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it might be your digestion. Researchers found that 25% of people who can’t sleep well suffer from sleep related acid reflux. This basically means that you have heartburn that’s bad enough to disturb your sleep, but not enough to wake you up completely. And since you finish digesting in your sleep, this might mean that you wake up without symptoms.

7. You dream about crashing your truck.

A frightening dream might not seem like a big deal when you wake up, but nightmares are more dangerous than most people realize. Not only do nightmares cause depression, researchers have found that people who have nightmares are at increased risk for insomnia.

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