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8 Weird Side Effects Of Losing Weight


Because of the trucking lifestyle — fast food, lots of sitting, and little time to exercise — many truck drivers struggle with their weight.

Many truck drivers opt for drastic lifestyle changes and do manage to get the weight off only to find that losing weight (especially very quickly) can come with some unexpected side effects.

If you’re on a diet or even thinking taking off a few pounds, here are some of the unexpected side effects you can expect.

What To Expect When You Lose Weight

1. Increased risk for depression. Researchers found that losing at least 5% of your body fat makes you 78% more likely to be depressed. Why? Most people who struggle with their weight think that life will be dramatically better if they can just get the weight off fast. When they drop the pounds but realize that their problems are still there, this can put them at increased risk for depression. Getting enough sleep and a healthy diet can help lower your depression risk.

2. You might feel sick. A study from the International Journal of Obesity found that environmental pollutants (we’re looking at you, diesel fumes) build up in fat cells. When you lose weight, these toxins are released into your bloodstream, potentially making you feel ill. To combat this effect, experts recommend eating as healthfully as possible — unprocessed, antioxidant rich foods are best.

3. You’re at increased risk of gallstones. It isn’t fair, but cutting down on fat in your diet means that your gallbladder isn’t as active, which puts you at risk for gallstones. Fight back by including healthy fats in your diet — think avocados, nuts, eggs, or fatty fish like salmon.

4. Your relationship might go downhill. If you lose weight and your partner doesn’t, a North Carolina State University study suggests that you will probably experience more relationship problems.

5. Your breath might get a little funky. If you lose weight by switching to a low-carb, high protein diet, you might notice a strange taste in your mouth. That’s because your fat has broken down into a chemical called ketones. Once ketones enter your saliva and urine, you might notice a funky or even metallic taste in your mouth. You can minimize this effect by making sure to include fruits, veggies, and whole grains in your diet.

6. Your memory might get better. A 2013 Swedish study found that older people performed significantly better on memory tests after following a weight loss program.

7. Food might taste different. A recent study from Stanford University found that 87% of patients who lost a lot of weight quickly reported that their sense of taste had changed. Some said food tasted sharper, some said duller, and many patients reported that they began to dislike dairy and meat products.

8. You might get a raise. A study in Health Economics found that obese employees earn 2.5% less than thinner employees.

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