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9 Crazy Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Diet Soda


Diet soda is one of the most common go-to drinks for truck drivers. It usually contains caffeine — always a plus, it’s cheap, tasty, and you can get it absolutely anywhere. Plus, without all of the sugar and calories found in regular soda, many drivers feel no guilt about drinking multiple Diet Cokes in a day.

Many drivers have consumed multiple diet sodas every day for so long that they barely notice the effects that the drinks have on their bodies. It’s only when they try to give up soda that they start to notice some surprising changes.

Here are 9 weird ways that life changes when you cut out diet soda.

  1. You’ll have extra energy. You might think that the caffeine in a can of diet Mountain Dew will give you some extra pep as you drive, but the truth is that caffeine overstimulates you and dehydrates you — which causes you to feel fatigue. Cut out soda and you’ll find that you feel more energetic.
  2. Your taste buds will get sharper. Did you know that Splenda is 600 times sweeter than sugar? Scary, right? The artificial sweeteners in diet soda work by overwhelming your tongue with sugary flavor. When you cut out diet soda, your taste buds start to recover and food begins to taste different.
  3. You’ll lose weight. Many people believe that because diet soda is calorie-free, it doesn’t impact their waistlines. Not true. A 9-year study found that daily diet soda intake increases your risk of becoming obese by a whopping 65%.
  4. You diabetes risk goes down. Diet soda encourages your body to produce insulin — even without any sugar — leaving you at higher risk of developing diabetes. Cutting out diet soda helps you keep your insulin levels under control and fight your diabetes risk.
  5. Your bones will get stronger. The chemical that makes diet cola that dark brown color contains phosphorus, which leaches calcium from your bones.
  6. You’ll feel sharper mentally. Aspartame alters your brain chemistry, leading to insomnia, anxiety, and brain fog. Kicking it out of your system helps improve your mental clarity.
  7. Your kidneys will work better. Filtering out all of the chemicals in a diet soda isn’t easy on your kidneys. When you stop giving them chemicals you can’t pronounce to contend with, they’ll be able to function better.
  8. Your migraines might go away. Many people worry about caffeine headaches popping up when they stop drinking diet soda, but aspartame is a migraine trigger for many people. When you quit diet soda, you might discover that you lose your headaches, too.
  9. You might end up happier. That’s because some studies have shown that drinking four or more diet sodas per day increases your risk of depression by 30%.

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