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9 Reasons Why Trucker Cats Are The Coolest Road Companions


Everyone knows dogs make awesome companions in the cab. They are loyal, get excited to see you even if you’ve only been gone for five minutes grabbing a cup of coffee, and can even help defend you and your truck.


Eh, maybe not so much.

But there are 9 reasons why cats can be great traveling companions, too!

1. Cats are great conversation starters. When you’re out alone on the road, there is no better way to break the ice and start a conversation than to walk (or, let’s be realistic, drag) a cat on a leash.

2. Cats love to hang out in the strangest places in your cab. On your dashboard. Resting their heads on your GPS. Sprawled out dead center in the middle of your sleeper bunk when you’re ready to turn in. It’s always funny to see where your cat will end up.

3. You might learn how to speak cat. If you feel like you can communicate with your cat, it’s not just in your head. Dr. Dennis Turner, a leading feline-human bond researcher, used a complex mathematical system to determine that information is indeed being passed between you and your kitty. Adult cats keep their kitten language of meows, purrs, chirps, growls and squeaks to tell you what’s going on.

4. You can have more genuine partnership with your cat. Dr. Turner also says that there is more equality in the relationship between humans and cats than you see in relationships between humans and dogs. He says, “if the person doesn’t comply with the cats wish to interact then the cat doesn’t comply with the persons’ wishes.”

5. They know how to get what they want. Other studies show that cats can change their vocalizations to manipulate you (you know how sad they can sound when they are almost out of food). So cats are great if you’re the type of driver who likes to let someone else be the boss sometimes.

6. Cats are low maintenance companions. If you’re too tired after 11 hours on the road to walk your dog, the look on his face will kind of hurt your soul. If you are totally zonked out at the end of a long day on the road with a cat, a little hug will make her happy.

7. Cats are clean. As long as you can keep the litter box situation under control, cats tend to be a little less offensive to the nose than dogs. They clean themselves, meaning you don’t have to bother with a bath. That dog smell can be hard to get out of your truck.

8. Cat’s are nature’s heating packs. An average trucker cat’s body temperature is a toasty 101.5 degrees. A cat sleeping on your chest after a long day of driving can make you feel extra cozy on a cooler evening.

9. One of the best reasons to drive with either a cat or a dog is that they are a constant reminder to drive safely. When you’re driving with an animal that you love like family, you’re less likely to take a risk that might put them (and yourself) in danger.

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