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A Trucker’s Wife


By: Heidi O.

I am a woman. I am a wife. I am not just any wife, I am the wife of a Trucker. My identity is NOT defined based solely on those facts, but on how my life is lived and how my marriage stands out from many others.

I am the wife who shares the sacrifices of being away from home weeks or sometimes months at a time.

I am the wife who celebrates holidays earlier or later, so others will have what they need to celebrate their own holidays.

I am the wife who takes on the single parent role when dispatch calls and sends you out on another run.

I am the wife who knows strength at the news of a fallen brother or sister of the road.

I am the wife who knows peace, instead of the constant influx of chaos from the CB.

I am the wife who washes the diesel and food stains out of your clothing.

I am the wife who watches you drive away praying and hoping for you to return safely.

I am the one who waits for that call or text just so I know you are ok.

I Am The Woman Behind the Driver Behind the Wheel!

I Am a Trucker’s Wife!

Photo Credit: TinaImages / Shutterstock.com


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