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Alabama Authorities Warn Locals Not To Eat Cheese From Overturned Truck


The allure of free cheese must have turned out to be too much for some Alabama residents, prompting authorities to warn people not to eat cheese from an overturned truck in DeKalb County.

A refrigerated 18 wheeler overturned on Highway 11 late Friday night, spilling cheese all over the road.

Alabama officials apparently did not trust residents to leave the cheese alone. The DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency posted a warning on their Facebook page that says the cheese might be free, but it isn’t good for you. The post warned: “as result of the incident, the cheese product has been declared salvaged and not fit for human consumption. Please do not consume the cheese products at this time.”

The EMA hasn’t admitted to catching any cheese bandits at this time.

The Consumerist


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