We all love taking photos with our smartphones. There’s that joy in knowing you’ve created something. Cell phone photography is an ever-growing trend with new styles and ideas being added to the mix on a regular basis.

Afterlight is an incredible app that has great pre-set filters and detailed settings for those who want a little more control over their images. It also features numerous crop/size settings, so you can get a perfect size for Instagram, or any other photo sharing site you use.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and costs only $.99. – A small price to pay for some great photos to share with the world.

Purchase Afterlight for Android
Purchase Afterlight for iOS

The app also features in-app purchases like extra texture, frame, and light-leak packages. – Even if you don’t purchase the extra packages, what comes in the initial app is more than enough to inspire some crafty photos!

Here are some test images we created using Afterlight:





User Reviews:
“It’s PERFECT!” – Ashby
“Best editing/composition apps on the market!” – Kodee
“SO much control over everything, yet SO simple!” – Ricky
“Best camera app you will ever use!” – Shanice

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