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App Review: Life360


The average person sends 6 to 8 “where are you” messages every day. But the average person is not a trucker (or looking out for one). Sometimes family is your safety lifeline, especially when you’re a truck driver. With all of the dangers you’ll encounter on the road, it’s so important to have someone back home keeping tabs, making sure that you are arriving at your destination on time and that you’re safely back on the road when you’re supposed to be.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

Life360 allows your friends and family members to see your location in real-time. It is available on iPhone, Android and the Windows Phone. The biggest advantage of the app? It eliminates the “did you make it?” call or text that you and your family members probably repeat over and over, day after day, wasting minutes and text messages.

Other benefits?

Life360 Features

— Users get an automatic text notification when a family member arrive at their destination

— Uses less battery than many location services

— Can help to locate stolen phone

— Send messages for free even when phone services are not available

— Panic button that sends a notification to everyone in your circle that you need help

Downsides of Life360

Many reviewers report that the app can be glitchy and unreliable at times. Others say that they feel it invades their privacy.

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