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Arrow Trucking CEO Who Left Hundreds Of Truckers Stranded Asks Judge To Go Easy On Him


The Arrow Trucking CEO responsible for stranding around 900 truck drivers before Christmas is asking a federal judge for leniency in in his sentencing.

Drivers Stranded Without Pay Or A Way To Get Home

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Arrow Trucking abruptly shut down days before Christmas in 2009, leaving its drivers without pay or a way to get home. Many of Arrow’s 1400 drivers only learned about the shut down after they filled up their rigs and discovered that their fuel cards didn’t work anymore. Others found out through word of mouth, the radio, or the internet. It was only through the kindness of fellow truckers that many of these stranded and unemployed drivers made it home for Christmas.

Former Arrow CEO James Douglas “Doug” Pielsticker recently pled guilty to conspiracy charges for his participation in a $25 million scheme to defraud the IRS and a Utah bank. He is facing 10 years behind bars.

Former CEO Says He’s Not to Blame

Pielsticker is asking the judge to go easy on him during the sentencing phase of his case. He admits he made bad decisions, but says that he is not responsible for the company’s downfall. He blames Arrow’s failure on a bad economy and on the actions of subordinates, but many say that his outlandish spending habits are to blame.

Since Arrow shut down, Pielsticker has struggled to find work. He was fired as an Uber driver because the company was concerned about his connection to Arrow. He has also worked as an “independent driver” and a real estate broker.

His attorney asked the judge to “impose the shortest period of incarceration, if any, warranted under the circumstances.”

Pielsticker will be sentenced on October 8.

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