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ATA Blasts DOT For Inconclusive Truck Size And Weight Report


The ATA is condemning the DOT for claiming that it does not have enough data to recommend increasing the length and weight of trucks, saying that the timing is suspect and likely politically motivated.

ATA President Accuses DOT of Political Bias

ATA President Bill Graves had this to say: “Given the timing of the release of this study, it is an obvious attempt to promote administration policy, rather than give Congress the unbiased information it requested. It is appalling that after years of saying the study would not make recommendations, DOT officials would release this report – and recommend no change in current law – just days after the White House came out opposing truck productivity increases.” Graves went on to point out that twin 33’s have been used successfully in Florida and North Dakota.

ATA Will Continue To Review Report

The DOT merely said that their findings were open to peer review.

The ATA has vowed to continue reviewing the DOT report to try to determine how it arrived at a result that they say is vastly different from the experience of most in the transportation industry.

OOIDA, on the other hand, sides with the DOT, saying that bigger trucks are a safety risk.

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