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Audible Review: Maze Runner


From page to screen, Maze Runner has attracted a lot of attention over the past year.

From Author James Dashner, Maze Runner is a wildly entertaining fictional piece that follows Thomas – a boy who has just woken up in a locked room.

He is unable to remember his name or where he is from – he’s having difficulty recalling any information at all. However, Thomas quickly becomes sure of one thing – that he is not alone.

The room he is locked in opens, revealing his location. –  A stone maze.

The Gladers, an all male group explain to him that every day, the maze doors open, every night, they close, and every 30 days, a new boy is thrown into the maze. – But why?

The next day it all changes when the first female is added to the mix. She is not like the rest of the kids who have been dropped in this maze though. She brings a message.

What is it? Why are they there? Why him?

Audible.com has adapted this story into a great audio book, read by Mark Deakins.

The runtime for Maze Runner is only 10 minutes shy of being a whopping 11 hours. So be sure to pop it in next time you have a long trip ahead of you. It’s sure to catch your attention.

Audible has a mobile app available on both iOS and Android.
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Here are some reviews on Maze Runner

“Great Book!” – Word

“Incredible storyline and a great read!” – Shawn

“Epic story, exceptional narration!” – Morad

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