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Best Dog Breeds For Truck Drivers


Lots of truck drivers already know that your dog really is your best friend when you’re behind the wheel. However, some dog breeds are better than others when it comes to being a good traveling companion. So if you’re in the market for a new friend to accompany you on your runs, we have some tips to help you select the perfect pet!

What Type of Dog Is Good for the On the Road Lifestyle?

–Bulldogs. Bulldogs are a good option for truck drivers because they don’t shed much and have pretty minimal exercise requirements. These lazy dogs are perfectly happy to lounge in the passenger’s seat all day.

–Pitbulls. Many truck drivers love riding with pitbulls because they are fiercely loyal and can definitely help you to feel safer on the road. However, it should be noted that this is an active breed and you will have to make sure to get your pup some exercise everyday. You also might have trouble finding a motel that will allow your pitbull.

–Chihuahuas. The chihuahua is a popular breed for truck drivers because they are small and don’t require much grooming. Barking can be an issue with this breed.

Tips For Selecting the Perfect Canine Companion

Keep in mind your own personality and expectations when you select your new pet. If you’re laid back, look for a dog with a more relaxed attitude to match. If you’re looking for a furry friend to help you feel secure on the road, consider this need when selecting your new dog.

When you’re choosing a pet to join you in your truck, keep in mind that older animals are often a better choice than puppies. With an older dog, you shouldn’t have to worry about housebreaking and you can avoid the distraction of too much puppy energy. Older shelter dogs often have a hard time finding homes, so it’s great if you can find one to join you!

The DMV provides a list of great tips to help you keep whatever pet you decide on happy and healthy on the road with you. And here’s a look at some of your favorite pets on the road.



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