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Bicyclist Apologizes To Truck Driver Three Years After Accident


A bicyclist who was involved in a nearly fatal accident with a truck met face-to-face with the truck driver to apologize for not paying attention and causing the accident.

The accident happened in August 2012 in Montague, Michigan. Then 17-year-old Tyler Cumings rolled through a stop sign on his bicycle, hit the side of a trailer, and was dragged 40 feet. The accident cost him an arm and left him paralyzed from the waist down. He also suffered brain damage.

In order to gain closure, Cumings arranged to meet with the truck driver Dave Platt. Cumings took the opportunity to tell Platt that he was sorry for causing the accident. Cumings told Platt, “I know how hard it was for you, having that over you. Having someone’s life in your hands is one thing no one wants.”

Platt said that he has thought about Cumings every day since the accident.

The two have started a friendship. Cumings has even invited Platt to attend his wheelchair rugby games.



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