Proposed Bill Would Protect Drivers Who Hit Roadway Protesters

A Georgia congressman has proposed a bill that would require all new trucks to come with automatic braking systems.

The action comes in the wake of two accidents on I-16 in southern Georgia this spring involving 18 wheelers that claimed the lives of 10 people. In one of the crashes, five nursing students perished.

Rep. Hank Johnson thinks that automatic braking systems could help to prevent horrific accidents like these from happening again: “It can help to save lives and that’s what this legislation is all about.

While there has been pressure on lawmakers to require collision avoidance technology for years, the bill may have a tough time getting passed. Many in the trucking industry are skeptical of the effectiveness of the technology and believe that collision avoidance technology could actually contribute to crashes. Congressman Buddy Carter says that the Republican-controlled Congress will likely oppose the legislation.


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