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Book Review: Trucker Ghost Stories


Sometimes as a trucker, you have an experience so strange you can’t keep it to yourself. So you tell everyone at the fuel station, write about it on Reddit — or if your experience is compelling enough, you share it in a book.

That’s exactly what the truck drivers who contributed to Trucker Ghost Stories: And Other True Tales of Haunted Highways, Weird Encounters, and Legends of the Road did.

Paranormal researcher Annie Wilder collected firsthand accounts from long-haul truckers of UFO encounters, a phantom truck that saved a driver’s life, text messages from deceased family members, demons, shadow people, and more.

The book is a must for those who love the storytelling tradition in trucking. Here are some reader reviews from Amazon:

“As a retired trucker myself, the title intrigued me. Gotta say – I thoroughly enjoyed it. A few of the stories were just ‘goofy’, some left me scratching my head, and a couple totally fascinating! So, I would definitely recommend the read. For me, recognizing company names and specific geographical locations added to the validity of the ghostly tales.” — Tom Molnar

“This book is full of very interesting stories from truckers or family of truckers from all over the U.S. The stories will have you riveted for hours as truckers tell about their other worldly experiences.” — Misty Walton

“Bought this for my truck-driving granddaughter for Christmas. She recommends that you not listen to it while driving a lonely highway at night. She did enjoy it after the sun came up.” — John A. James

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