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Border Patrol Asks Truckers To Keep Checking Upper Airflow Compartments


The U.S Border Patrol is asking for help from the truck driving community in order to secure the borders by remembering to check upper airflow compartments for illegal immigrants.

A Reminder To Check Air Dams

This isn’t the first time that most of us have heard about illegal immigrants hiding in air dams. Though many truck drivers have known about this method of illegally entering the country for some time now, this is an important reminder to stay vigilant, especially for newer drivers.

Authorities have noticed an uptick in the number of illegal immigrants hiding in the air dams of trucks. The U.S. Border Patrol says many truck drivers have no idea that they are transporting illegal immigrants over the border.

At the busy Falfurrias, Texas checkpoint, agents have reported 5 incidents of illegals in the upper air compartments in the past few days. One border agent even discovered 7 people in the air dam. Authorities estimate that they have started to see 2 to 3 cases of this type of border crossing daily.

Illegals Using Unsuspecting Truckers for Border Crossings

The U.S. Border Patrol at the Falfurrias checkpoint suspects that the illegals are waiting at truck stops for an unsuspecting truck driver.

Authorities are asking truck drivers who cross the border to take a few moments to check the upper air flow vents. While it may take a few moments, it can protect truck drivers from a costly citation.

The U.S. Border Patrol has also installed cameras several feet above the ground at the Falfurrias checkpoint in hopes of catching illegal activity.


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