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Broken Down Trucker Fights Cops At Walmart, Will Be Evaluated For Mental Health Issues


A truck driver has been hospitalized and is awaiting evaluation after he allegedly engaged in a fight with police at a Walmart in Russellville, Alabama.

Truck Driver Causes Disturbance At Walmart

Police say that the 47-year-old Texas truck driver broke down on Alabama 24 on Wednesday and somehow made his way to a Walmart, where he spent the night. Around 8:30 Thursday morning, police were called because the driver was causing some sort of disturbance at the Walmart.

Stun Guns Are Not Enough to Subdue Truck Driver

When the police approached the man and tried to subdue him, he tried to fight the officers. They say that he was in such an extreme mental state that stun guns did not have an effect on him.

After police were able to subdue and arrest the man, he was checked out by medical personnel. However, when he was brought into the squad room at the police station, he once again became physically violent. It took several officers five minutes to subdue him.

Driver To Be Evaluated for Mental Health Issues

One of the officers sustained cuts and bruises. The truck driver also suffered minor injuries.

Police located his broken down truck.

No charges have been filed against the truck driver. He is in the hospital awaiting transfer to a different facility for evaluation of mental health status.

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