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Budget Bytes: Tasty, Healthy Recipes For Truckers That You Can Make For Almost Free


Are you broke? Do you like to eat?

Then we’ve found the cooking blog for you.

So many food blogs feature hard to find ingredients and so many steps that they are almost impossible for time-crunched truckers to put together. Other food blogs feature ingredients that are so expensive that it would actually be cheaper to head to a sit-down restaurant — and tip generously.

What makes Budget Bytes different is that it provides recipes that are healthy and simple to make without exotic ingredients you’d spend forever shopping for. While not every recipe is feasible for truckers, Budget Bytes offers plenty of down-to-earth and affordable ideas for keeping yourself well-fed behind the wheel.

Best Features of Budget Bytes for Truck Drivers

— Cost per serving included in every recipe.  Budget Bytes delivers cost estimates for each ingredient along the cost per serving for each recipe — which is awesome for truckers on a budget.

— Extensive selection of slow cooker recipes. Many truckers rely heavily on their slow cookers to make them a healthy dinner while they drive. Budget Bytes features an extensive collection of tasty and affordable slow cooker recipes.

— Portion control is built into the recipe. Each recipe makes a specific number of servings, taking the guessing out of portion control — which can help you slim down.

— Step by step photos. Even if you’re not comfortable cooking, easy to follow photos help reassure you that you’re on the right track.

— Categories make it easy to search – no matter what your dietary limitations. Whether you need vegetarian options or you’re trying to avoid red meat, the Budget Bytes site makes it easy for you to navigate to the type of recipe that you’re looking for.


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