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Can You Help Find Their Guardian From The Road?


By Heidi O.

Between 11PM (EST) on March 19th and 1AM (EST) on March 20th on State Road 91 Northbound at about Mile Marker 179, near Ft. Pierce, FL., Dalton Miller, 19 and Derek Miller, 22, were heading home after a hockey game in a 1995 grey Firebird convertible.

Dalton and Derek are HUGE Detroit Red Wings Fans and were heading back home to Brooksville, FL after the game. Unfortunately, Dalton set the cruise control and fell asleep. The cruise control was set at 75 mph. Dalton ended up with stitches and a badly bruised and strained wrist. Derek had a broken nose and glass embedded in his eyes. He has had eye surgery on the one eye and will know if he has vision in it in about a month.


These young men are lucky to have survived and would like to thank the TRUCK DRIVER who came to their assistance! They are both thankful to this man and are happy to be alive. The boys have said that if this truck driver wouldn’t have stopped that they don’t know what they would have done.

If anyone has any information regarding this accident or know the truck driver who stopped to help, please contact Stacey Johnson, their mother, at [email protected].

Let’s help this family find this Guardian of The Road and let us give this driver a big THANK YOU, DRIVER! These are the types of things we like to hear about our brother and sister truck drivers on the road!!


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