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Cash-Strapped California Town Considers Charging Truckers For Parking


Suisun City, California council members are considering bolstering their budget by charging truck drivers $50 to park on underdeveloped city-owned land behind the post office, according to a report in the Fairfield Daily Republic.

Charging Truckers For Parking Could Generate Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars For City

Councilman Mike Hudson says that about 8 trucks park behind the post office every night, so at $50 per truck, the city could rake in over $100,000 per year by charging truck drivers for the parking spots that they currently enjoy for free. Hudson says that he wants to explore any and every revenue generating option before he chooses to raise taxes.

Mayor Questions Safety of Allowing Trucks to Park at All

The town’s mayor Pete Sanchez is opposed to the idea — not because it seems unfair to charge truck drivers for parking, but because he has concerns about trucks parking in Suisun City in the first place. Among his objections were schoolchildren walking by the truck parking area, the cost of enforcing the parking fee, and the potential environmental impact.

Councilman Mike Segala recommends surveying the town’s residents to get their input on the issue.

Hudson plans to revisit the idea during a meeting on whether to put a tax proposal on the ballot.

The Daily Republic


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