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CDL Scammers Targeting Russian Speakers Arrested


Florida authorities announced that they have uncovered a scam that helped over 600 people get CDLs without proper training or even a basic understanding of the English language.

CDL Scammers Face Federal Charges

The operators of the CDL school, Larex Inc., are facing serious federal charges, including conspiracy to aid and abet the unlawful production of Florida driver licenses.

The scammers used a website called russiantruckingschool.com to target Russian-speaking students who would get their CDL in Florida and then travel back to drive in their home states. The scammers were providing most students with a CDL in only a few days and often for as little as $2,000.

Confidential Informant Helps Bust CDL School

Authorities were able to bustLarex by sending in a confidential informant posing as a Russian-speaking student. The scammers gave the CI a secret phone and hidden earpiece to help him pass the written test.The CI also told Florida authorities that most of the other students were from Moldova and struggled to speak English, if they spoke any at all. The students got around their language barrier by memorizing a speech to deliver to the tester during the driving exam so that they appeared to speak English.

The scammers, 48-year-old Ellariy Medvednik, 44-year-old Adrian Salari, 76-year-old Clarence Davis, and 49-year-old Natalia Dontsova are facing 30 years behind bars if they are convicted.

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