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CDOT To Enforce Chain Laws On Passenger Vehicles As Well As Commercial Vehicles


The Colorado Department of Transportation announced yesterday that it plans to focus on enforcing chain laws on passenger vehicles as well as commercial vehicles — and they plan to back up these claims with big fines.

CDOT admits that in the past they have focused on making sure that commercial vehicles were using chains, but they hope to make the dangerous I-70 corridor a little safer by ensuring that all vehicles on the road are properly prepared for bad weather. They also hope that the increased enforcement will ease traffic congestion that occurs as a result of crashes.

Passenger vehicle drivers who fail to either chain up or utilize an alternative traction device (like the Auto Sock) during a Code 16 alert for severe weather could face fines of up to $650.

Last year, CDOT focused on getting motorists to check and maintain their tires, which led to a 46% drop in weather-related crashes.

CBS Denver
Denver Business Journal


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