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Congress Slated To Consider Longer Twin Trailers


Image Credit: Robert Pernell / Shutterstock.com

According to The Hill, Congress is slated to consider allowing 33′ twin trailers to hit the roads. Currently, twin trailers measure 28′. The proposal suggests allowing an extension of five feet per trailer.

The proposal would not affect weight limits, the article states.

The Hill states that the extra footage would allow an 18% increase in volume and would reduce traffic congestion by taking 1 in 9 trucks off the roads.

“Perhaps most importantly, the congestion relief will directly impact every American driver as the proposal would reduce the number of trucks on the road. In fact, it is estimated we would reduce trucking trips by 6.6 million per year and miles driven by 1.3 billion per year which also translates to 912 fewer crashes on our highways,” former general counsel at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Brigham McCown states.

In addition, McCown states that the extra footage will also help the growing “driver shortage” issue and will reduce pollution.

Drivers, what are your thoughts on this?  Do you see overweight citations cropping up if this is approved?

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