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Cop Jumps Onto Moving Big Rig To Save Unresponsive Driver


A truck driver who was reported as driving erratically owes his life to a deputy who jumped onto his moving rig and stopped his truck.

Police Respond to Call About Reckless Truck Driver

The incident took place on December 2 in Madison County, Nebraska when police received a call about a truck driver who was driving recklessly on Highway 81 near the Platte County line. When they caught up to the truck and turned on their sirens and lights, the truck did not stop.

Driver’s Expression Leads Police to Believe Something Wasn’t Right

One deputy drove up beside the truck to try to get the driver’s attention and noticed that the driver had a blank stare — leading them to suspect that he was experiencing a medical emergency.

As the truck approached Norfolk, police became increasingly concerned about the truck entering a busy intersection. More officers joined the pursuit.

As Truck Moves Closer to Busy Intersection, Deputy Takes Action

At one point, the truck started to slow and Deputy Todd Volk said he could see the driver’s body slumping as if he were unconscious. It was at this point that he decided to act. While the truck was still moving at about 20 m.p.h., Volk steered his vehicle in front of the truck, jumped out, then managed to grab the truck’s mirror and pull himself up onto the truck. From there, he was able to hit the brakes and stop the truck.

Volk and the other officers later learned that the driver was diabetic and was experiencing a low blood sugar episode.

You can go here to watch dash cam footage of the rescue.



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