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Cops Find $2 Million Worth Of Cocaine During Truck Inspection


Indiana State Police arrested a truck driver over the weekend after discovering $2 million worth of cocaine hidden in his truck during a safety inspection.

Driver Pulled Over For Routine Inspection

47-year-old Salvador Tafoya-Bravo was pulled over for an inspection around 4 p.m. on Friday on the I-70 in Indianapolis.

Suspicious Behaviour Tips Off Cops

Police said they noticed behavior that made them suspicious of criminal activity during the inspection. After calling in a canine unit, they discovered 20 kilos of cocaine among the truck driver’s legitimate load of shoes and household goods. The shipment originated in California and was bound for Ohio.

Truck Driver Faces Serious Charges

Indiana police say they plan to throw the book at Tafoya-Bravo: “With aggressive prosecution, you are going to prison for a very, very long time.”

Tafoya-Bravo is not cooperating with the investigation and is being held for suspicion of possession of cocaine and dealing cocaine.

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