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CRST Asks FMCSA For Split Sleeper Berth Periods


CRST Expidited has requested an exemption from the FMCSA that would allow its drivers the flexibility to split their 10-hour sleeper berth period.

CRST: Exemption Would Help New Drivers Manage Fatigue

The request comes after new drivers told CRST that 10-11 hours behind the wheel is too long. CRST says that the exemption would help their drivers get better quality rest. They also say that the exemption would help new drivers break up their time behind the wheel, giving them more opportunities to switch with a co-driver when they begin to feel fatigued.

CRST Willing to Make Safety Allowances in Exchange for Exemptions

CRST has asked for their drivers to have the ability to split their time 5/5, 4/6, or 3/7 to fulfil the 10-hour federal requirement.

In exchange for the exemption, CRST says that they will drop the allowed driving time from 11 hours to 10. They also vow to use speed limiters, E Logs and collision avoidance technology in all trucks used by the exempted drivers.

Around 3,000 of CRST’s drivers would qualify for the exemption if approved.

The FMCSA recently granted a similar request to McKee Foods, but there is no indication whether they will approve CRST’s application for exemption.

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