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Daimler: Self-Driving Trucks Are As Close As 2 Years Away


As Daimler seeks certification to begin testing autonomous trucks on German roads, the firm announced that they would begin production in 2 to 3 years.

The “self-driving” or autonomous truck has been tested on Nevada roads since May. Daimler says that they are positive that they will have certification to begin testing on German roadways in the next few weeks.

The Freightliner “Inspiration Truck” is not driverless — a human is required in the truck at all times — but Daimler encourages the public to think of the truck as on autopilot.

Transportation expert Alan Stevens says that truck drivers shouldn’t be too worried about their jobs just yet. He said that autonomous driving technology will have to improve dramatically before trucks are completely driverless. “It’s probably got to be 10 or 100 times better than a human driver before it’s socially acceptable,” he told BBC reporters.

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