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Dash Camera Review: DOD LS430W


Well over a year from the release of the DOD LS430W, it continues to be a top pick in the dash camera market.
This camera boasts a crisp image, with a wide angle view for more detail and works flawlessly in low light settings.
Built in a black housing, it prevents glare or reflections and even includes a 2.7″ screen for easy monitoring.

Here are some features that make the DOD LS430W a frequent choice

• A wide view of 140 degrees
• Records in a MOV file which can easily be shared and accessed on most platforms
• 12MP image quality
• Can hold up to 10 hours of full HD video with a 64GB memory card
• Includes both a suction cup mount and permanent 3M Adhesive Mount for easy set up
• Accepts HDMI, USB 2.0 and AV cables & interfaces

The camera is equipped with onboard GPS so all videos are not only time and speed stamped, but your location as well. Ridding you one less step trying to remember where you were in a specific time.
The camera features an “emergency” setting which will prevent marked footage from being erased from the camera.
It also has a built in function to warn the driver if they are exceeding a certain speed!
All of these features and more, no wonder this dash cam has been one of the top picks since it’s release in early 2013.

This Dash Cam is available on Amazon.com for $269.00

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