Trucker Slapped With $1000 Fine For Using Independence Pass

If you’re caught driving through the Independence Pass, you’re going to face a stiff fine.

In 2014, the Colorado Legislature passed a law that increased the fine for trucks using the pass from $500 to $1,000, plus an additional $150 processing fee.

“It is important to note that oversize and overweight vehicles are strictly prohibited from using the Pass at any time due to narrow and winding roads and steep inclines. Absolutely no vehicles over 35 feet in length (this includes a vehicle and trailer that, together, exceed 35 feet) may use the Pass at any time. These pass restrictions lie between MP 42 (Aspen side) and MP 84.2 (Leadville/Twin Lakes side, about one mile west of the junction with US 24),” the Colorado Department of Transportation states.

Despite the multitude of signs warning drivers that trucks over 35′ are prohibited and the hefty fine, trucks are still attempting to use the Pass.  Authorities told The Aspen Times that drivers are either blindly following their GPS units into the prohibited area or they’re trying to save time.

So far this year, seven trucks have attempted the Pass and received citations.

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