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Do You Cook On Your Truck?


By Heidi O.

Do you make a nice meal in your truck or do you eat out when you are traveling?

My husband and I have found that it’s not only less costly, but much healthier to prepare our own meals in our truck. We utilize the various devices we have, including a microwave, crockpot, a PIC (ProWave Induction Cooktop) and a ProWave Induction Oven. We also use the old fashioned way of grilling at times when it is nice out. We have these things on our truck and they are run by our generator; however, some others I have spoken with use other items such as an Aroma Cooker, the Lunch Box Cooker, and the Ninja 3 in 1 cooker.

I have joined several groups on Facebook dedicated to cooking just on the truck and have not only learned many various recipes, but have also learned several new tips and tricks. I also have joined several pages that are geared to the same thing. I would like to share these groups and pages with everyone so that we can all eat and stay healthier.

The following are the pages and groups that are available to “Like” or “Join” on Facebook:

• Semi-Truckmade Recipes
• Cooking on the Road

• Big Trucks Cooking
• Cooking on the Truck (which is a secret group but if you know someone already in, they can add you)
• The Trucker’s Wives and Friends Cookbook

Not only can you find some outstanding tips and tricks on these pages and groups, you can also find some healthy alternative recipes for things such as controlling diabetes, gluten-free recipes, lactose intolerant meals, and more. Some of the truck “chefs” even name their kitchens some great fun names!! One group even holds their very own version of “Chopped – On the Truck,” so they are not only for cooking, but they like to have fun at the same time!!

This is definitely an up and coming fad on Facebook and it makes a lot of sense to cook healthier and enjoy home cooked food while still out on the road. Open up and explore your chef side!! If you know of any more groups or pages geared toward trucking, please feel free to share with us.

– Safe Driving and Good Cooking!!


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