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Do You Know The Symptoms Of Heatstroke?


A hot truck can not only be uncomfortable — it can be deadly for you, your riders, and any pets on board.

As the weather heats up, so does the risk for heat-related sicknesses, injury, or even death. Know the symptoms and protect yourself and your loved ones!

Symptoms of Heatstroke

  1. High body temperature. A body temperature that is over 104 degrees is a tell-tale symptom of heatstroke.
  2. Strange behavior. Heatstroke can cause slurred speech, delirium, confusion, agitation, or other strange behavior.
  3. Altered sweating patterns. Heatstroke can actually cause your body to stop sweating.
  4. Headache.
  5. Increased heart rate. A racing heart can be a big heatstroke warning sign.
  6. Nausea. An upset stomach,¬†abdominal cramping, or vomiting associated with high temperatures could mean you’re suffering from heatstroke.
  7. Reddened skin. Flushed skin could mean you or one of your passengers has heatstroke.

If you or someone you know is suffering from heatstroke, get medical attention immediately. Until the person can be treated, move them to a cooler environment (shade or an indoor air conditioned space), take off excess clothing, or use a cool shower, garden hose, or ice packs to lower body temperatures.

If you’re on the road with a pet, you should also remember that pets can suffer from heatstroke as well. Symptoms of heatstroke can be similar to those in humans, but they might also include:

  1. Excessive panting.
  2. A bright red tongue.
  3. Diarrhea.
  4. Thick, sticky saliva.
  5. Vomiting (sometimes with blood).

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