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Doctors: Driver’s Coma Likely Caused By Fumes From Truck


In November, 60-year-old truck driver Mike McCaul was driving through Los Angeles when he suddenly began to felt ill.

He immediately pulled his truck off the road and called 911.   Moments later, McCaul slipped into a coma.

Doctors at Los Angeles’ Providence Holy Cross Medical Center said they didn’t expect McCaul to survive.

For 30 days, McCaul was unresponsive and was kept alive with a ventilator.

McCaul was in a coma for 6 weeks.

Until that fateful day in November, McCaul was relatively healthy. He didn’t have any serious medical conditions and didn’t take any medications.

Doctors at Holy Cross Medial Center believe McCaul suffered from hydrocarbon poisoning.  They believe fumes from his truck caused the poisoning.

Hydrocarbon poisoning causes inflammation in the brain.

Hydrocarbons are found in gasoline, motor oil, lighter fluid, spot remover, etc.

Symptoms of hydrocarbon poisoning include:

-Rapid breathing

-Skin tone takes on a blue(ish) tint



-Lack of coordination




If you experience any of these symptoms, call 911 and seek fresh air.




NBC Los Angeles


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