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Don’t Drive Without Dish Soap


If you’re only using dish soap to wash dishes, you’re missing out on some amazing ways that it can make life on the road easier.

Smart Uses For Dish Soap

–Use it to spot clean grease out of clothes. Rub the dish soap on the stain and then rinse with warm water.

–Get rid of fruit flies. Pour a little apple cider vinegar in an open cup and then add a single drop of dish soap. Swirl to combine. Fruit flies are drawn to the vinegar, but the dish soap will make them sink and drown.

–Clean a grimy cab. For an easy cleaner that is great at fighting grease and grime within your cab, mix a small amount of dish soap with warm water in a spray bottle. Spray surfaces, then wipe with a damp cloth.

–Make a makeshift ice pack. Fill a plastic baggie with dish soap and freeze it. The soap will stay cold for a long time, making it a great replacement for a traditional ice pack. It also conforms to your body better than ice.

–Check for tire punctures. Brush a tire that you suspect may be punctured with soap and water. If you see bubbles, this is a sign that your tire has been punctured.

–Keep your co-pilot free from fleas. If your dog is suffering from fleas, washing his fur with dish soap can help. The soap kills fleas by destroying their exoskeletons. An added bonus? Your pet will smell great!

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